Friday, 15 January 2010

61. THE JUAN MACLEAN: The Future Will Come

"Happy House" was the clincher; ten never more exact minutes of procedural disintegtation, atomising beats of emotion and nouveau certainty.
(And that's it for a few days, I'm afraid; the weekend looms and then I have a "heavy hit" of an album to write about on Then Play Long at the beginning of next week so will carry on with #60 upwards, in daily chunks of twenty, probably from next Wednesday but don't rule out Tuesday.)

62. JAMIE FOXX: Intuition

An enormous, sometimes serene exploration of a collapsing soul. "Blame It" could have been Robert Wyatt; last year's best non-hit number 1.

63=. dEADMAU5: Random Album Title/For Lack Of A Better Name

The dance went on; we remembered what worry could be like but when there is hope there is always redemption. Canada, we love you; remember.

64. THE JONAS BROTHERS: Lines, Vines And Trying Times

Last year we controversially paired off the Jonas Brothers with Common at joint 26th. There is always a logic to our thinking; Q, E and D!!

65. MOS DEF: The Ecstatic

Furious, vibrant; his best work in a decade and an argument in itself in favour of the continued vitaility of hip hop. for sure.

66. LA ROUX: La Roux

Bring back TOTP! The Sheena Easton/Gina X crossover makes even more sense! Lex will never speak to me again! But Kim Wilde! The FAIRMLY!

67. NEIL SEDAKA: Waking Up Is Hard To Do

His first album for children. "Look in the fridge and let lunch keep us together." Elbow, go and mend some potholes in Bury or Warrington.


Another album only half-released in Britain but what does he care? He just wants his swag and is more entitled to it than most. Heyyyyyyy!

69. PEARL JAM: Backspacer

Certainly one of 2009's most attractive packages, if we're talking rage against the machines of now; fervour undistilled, and uncompromised.

70. TOMMY SPARKS: Tommy Sparks

A Swedish cross between Tommy Steele and Franz Ferdinand; sparky, yes, but vulnerable, eager to please, more eager to subvert. Eyes afront!

71. PARAMORE: Brand New Eyes

The women had the answer, as always; hail Hayley for her rabid righteousness, the group for their remarkable drive, the public who said yes.

72. BARBRA STREISAND: Love Is The Answer

Canada, in the form of Diana Krall, brought Barbra back; combo or orchestra, it was beautiful, impasioned and totally truthful in happiness.


OK, so I was wrong about Loose. It was the wrong time. The follow-up to that follows this year but this Spanish album was succulent, cool.

74. COLBIE CALLIAT: Breakthrough

Analyse pain then find solution in quiescent manner. Nice, peaceful, determined so watch it and her. Her light pop crests Brit-oppression.

75. ROYKSOPP: Junior

The first two tracks - memories of George Clinton, the present of Robyn - set us up for 2009 and reassured us that it would be a great year.

76. KID CUDI: Man On The Moon: End Of Day

Angrier than you might expect but there's a defiance here that I find highly heartwarming; Kanye's latent anger laid bare and reconstituted.

77. DEPECHE MODE: Sounds Of The Universe was a cracking sort of a year for the return of the original wave of New Pop; the Mode were lighter than they had been for some while.


As they proved more than once last year, Xenomania still harbour the old magic when they have interesting people to deal with. And indeed...

79. TELEPATHE: Dance Mother

Not to be forgotten from the very beginning of the year, crepuscular, knotted Eurodisco; the feminisation of noise proceeds and it's a kiss.

80. DIZZEE RASCAL: Tongue N' Cheek

"Bonkers" defined what side you were on in 2009. Dizzee gets worked up about pop but it all works out - not excluding the remnant darkness.