Tuesday, 15 April 2008

E-ZEE POSSEE: Everything Starts With An "E"

March burning into April 1990, and this was climbing our Top 20 while the poll tax riots glowed; banned by Radio 1 at the time (and possibly still to this day), but the spirit of 1982 intact. Conceived by Jeremy Healy and Boy George, who in 1982 as respective frontmen of Haysi Fantayzee and Culture Club were at each other's throats so often you could have called either Boy Gillette, "Everything" takes the unlikely Benny Hill/Bow Wow Wow gallop of "John Wayne Is Big Leggy" and thrusts it unexpected into a luminous nineties now; stretching from the opening sample of Hendrix playing "The Star Spangled Banner" into a furious hammer of a merry-go-round beat into which MC Kinky streaks as though revolution were rugby with her subversive acronyms ("Coming in like Love, Sex and Danger!" "E is for Elysian Fields!"), alternating with Boy George's calm varispeeded choruses: "What planet are you on? Planet Ecstasy! Who do you know? No one! Take a trip with me!" which nailed the times so securely seventeen Catherine wheels couldn't have exploded within them. 1967 heads into 1982 culminates in 1990 ("Kiss me posse and hope to die OWWW!"), and while, as with Queen's television-revived "Don't Stop Me Now," we can't look at hedonism retrospectively without considering the consequences, and while neither this blog nor its author condones wanton drug use (one has to point such things out from time to time, you understand) this "E" felt electric, disobedient, out of keeping, rude and utterly in keeping with what something called "rock and roll" was supposed to be about and as much a part of its time as "Love Shack" or "Dub Be Good To Me" or "The Power." Torches UP!