Wednesday, 31 October 2007

HOLYFUCK: Lovely Allen

I have no idea whether they mean Woody or Lily or Ginsberg, but it is one of the great instrumentals of recent times. The Toronto duo’s LP is Rough Trade’s current best seller and a startling spectacle it is too; Neu! filtered through Lightning Bolt with a touch of Martin Rev, hardcore but clean avant-dronerock. “Lovely Allen,” however, is the standout track and TV companies should be elbowing each other out of the way with electrified Bulgarian Army surplus cattle prods to get to use it as a theme tune. Starting with a electrified radio scan replica, guest Owen Pallett’s string motif is immediately taken up by the keyboards, which in turn are joined by Loel Campbell’s mighty drums and Michael Bigelow’s thudding, continent-demolishing fuzz of a bass to form a huge anthem which I fully expect to hear played at next year’s Olympics. Over the underlay, ecstatic noise guitar sweeps the sky with rollerskate tinsel. It makes you want to summon the rays of the new beneficent light from the summit of the Ark building in Hammersmith! Best of all perhaps is the closing section where Pallett’s stately strings abruptly come into elegant focus before being scorched by 1972 Eno synth/oscillator whooshes, a bass now so fuzzy you could comb Mount Rushmore’s hair with it and a guitar nearly beyond the remit of any non-general assembly. It ends with trails of ARP comets, like the promise of “Telstar” finally, if belatedly, fulfilled.