Wednesday, 13 January 2010


The concept couldn’t be simpler; 140 albums of their year, 140 characters per album.

Before I start, however, due acknowledgement to the artists who didn’t quite make the cut, mainly because we haven’t yet got around to giving their albums a proper listen (and the following is merely the tip of an overpoweringly huge iceberg). Apologies therefore to Antony and the Johnsons, Au Revoir Simone, Cecelia Bartoli, Dame Shirley Bassey, Broadcast & the Focus Group, Buika and Chucho Valdes, Bill Callahan, Les Claypool, Condo Fucks, Cornershop, DÂM-Funk, Discovery, Do Make Say Think, Dragonforce, the Flaming Lips, PJ Harvey and John Parish, Levon Helm, Howling Bells, Mr Hudson, Ironik, Jim Jones, King Midas Sound, Mavado, Miike Snow, Moby, the Louis Moholo-Moholo Unit, Mordant Music/Vindicatrix, Karen O (for the soundtrack to Where The Wild Things Are), DJ Quik and Kurupt, Position Normal, Rick Ross, Sa-Ra, Scooter, Sneaky Sound System, George Strait, Super Chika, Them Crooked Vultures, Tiesto, tune-yards, Weezer, Hank Williams Jnr, Charlie Winston and the Yeah You’s – you all fully deserved to be included.

Standard caveat #1: the albums are ordered in the manner in which they made the best sense to us and there is no suggestion that the album at, for example, #113 is necessarily worse than the one at #12; it just looks best to us this way.

Standard caveat #2: this is not intended as a definitive summary of The Year In Music; the city of 2009 had as many differing routes as ever and this is simply the route which we took; a route which, as ever, we hope you will enjoy exploring and, with any luck, hearing.

Lena’s companion piece is currently in production and will appear once this list has been published in full. And this list will be published at a rate of one post per album, in ascending order, so will be completed as time and energy allow. Patience is always a virtue.

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